How To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

How To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

For every task, preparation is necessary. The same goes for the air conditioning. Preparing your AC for the summer before the hot days arrive is a wise choice. If you don’t want any cooling issues during summer, maximize the AC efficiency beforehand.

Follow these helpful DIY tips to prepare your AC for the summer and then schedule annual AC service.

While following the DIY process, ensure you turn your AC off from its main power supply for your safety and to prevent any hazard. These tips will surely reduce or end the need for AC repair in Pasadena, CA.

Get Your AC Summer Ready

Perform a DIY Air Conditioner Diagnosis Test

For this step, you will have to inspect your air conditioning unit. First, inspect the internal components such as the filter, condenser, evaporator coil, motor, fan blower, etc. Ensure there is no jammed component. If you find the motor or fan blower jammed, provide it with the oil.

Ensure that no air conditioner component is dirty, broken, or loose. Search online or read the air conditioner manual carefully to understand the process of lubricating the air conditioner components. Also, examine the fuse box, insulation, and air ducts to ensure their quality is intact.

Troubleshoot the Minor Air Conditioner Defects

If there is any broken or loose part inside the air conditioning unit, fix it using a screwdriver. If any crack can cause a refrigerant leak, seal it immediately. If the insulation is rotten or damaged, replace the insulation.

While replacing the insulation, measure the size accurately to fit the new and suitable insulation. If there are cracks in the ductwork, turn your air conditioner off and call the technician.

Ensure the Air Conditioner Unit is Entirely Clean

The next thing you need to check is how clean your air conditioner is. If it is too dirty from the inside, clean it immediately. To clean the drain lines, you will need chlorine bleach and water. Just pour the bleach and flush it with water.

A coil cleaning spray can help you in cleaning the condenser. A vacuum, nozzle, and detergent will help you clean the other remaining air conditioner components. Follow the cleaning process carefully without damaging the wiring or fins. This way, you can unclog the condenser, drain lines, and air filter.

Schedule a Spring Service

After following all the DIY solutions, schedule an AC service in Pasadena, CA. The professional will handle whatever minor details were overlooked during the DIY maintenance.


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