Alex F.

LAC Heating & Air come through A/C Finally Repaired!!
Finally, after 4 attempts of trying to get an honest HVAC company to come to my home and repair my AC, I found the team to do it. I was getting quotes from $5500-$12,000. No one wanted to effectively troubleshoot the main cause of failure which I suspected was a leak somewhere. Miguel and Lalo came the next day after my call at 8:30 am on a Saturday. They Had all the tools to start detecting where the leak was coming from and even used a dye kit (which isn’t cheap).  After an hour of searching, they found the leak in the coil. They went to a nearby HVAC distributor to pick up my new coil and had it installed in no time. Serviced, repaired, refilled, and running within 4 hours. No BS, no runaround and came in exactly what he quoted me over the phone price-wise (~$1200). I even had him run the main duct to my son’s room that was never cooling right last year and was told it would cost me lots of money and they did it for about ~$175 extra. My A/C works, I’m very happy I didn’t junk the entire system and get in debt $10k+. Miguel and team are a lifesaver I can’t believe the 4 different crews over this past year that tried to get me to install a new system when mine is now working fantastic and cools the house quickly.

A+++ to these guys for making the repair I needed in such a quick time, I respect them so much for being honest and giving me such a good deal. Time to live comfortably in this heat!!

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