4 Effective Ways to Avoid Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

4 Effective Ways to Avoid Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

If you reside in a hot and humid region like California, you know how important air conditioning systems are during the summer. Therefore, it is not prudent to overlook your air conditioning maintenance. Not calling experts on time for your cooling system maintenance can often increase the odds of sudden malfunctions and costly AC repair in Pasadena, CA.

How To Avoid Emergency Air Conditioning Repair?

Here Are Some Ways To Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair.

Change Filters And Wash Air Ducts Regularly

Consistent airflow is essential for efficient and hygienic air conditioning. Thus, changing your air purifiers is critical, and cleaning your air ducts regularly. Filters prevent debris and sand from entering the air you breathe. Over time, they fill up with dirt and begin to obstruct airflow through the vent.

When your air conditioner is clogged, it has to work harder, overheating and meltdowns. It will also increase your energy costs and may cause allergies and illness.

Seal Your Air Ducts

Protecting air ducts is one of the most effective ways to keep your AC running efficiently. It will ensure that no air is lost in the air duct system. It will not only reduce your energy bill it will also help to avoid maintenance issues and emergency AC repair.

Seal rifts around windows and doors and where construction materials meet, such as chimney blocks, outlets, and wiring regions. It will lower the amount of air passing into and out of the house, resulting in more efficient AC. If the air isn’t escaping or fighting heat from inside, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard.

One thing to remember is that vents should never be closed off. Some may believe that restricting airflow to specific rooms is a great idea. On the other hand, Closing vents can cause the AC unit to shut down completely or even cause the AC coils to freeze.

Wash And Protect Your AC's Outdoor Unit

Since your air conditioner outdoor unit is located outside your home, it is susceptible to getting dirty or impeded. Air conditioners require consistent airflow. If leaves or twigs get on or in the compressor, this can decrease efficiency, debris accumulation, and blockage. Keep your unit away from plants, trees, and vines as the first step in safeguarding it. Allow three feet of clearance around the outdoor air conditioning unit and any landscaping.

Expert Inspections And Tune-Ups Regularly

Each year, before the hot season begins, it is essential to call a professional to inspect your entire AC system. Professionals will be able to detect any signs of problems that the untrained eye may miss.

They will scrutinize and clean system components such as the control module, coils, fan engines, compressors, blades, and tubes that require professional training. They also wash and check the coolant levels, adding more if necessary.

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