6 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

6 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

Throughout its lifetime, an air conditioner may experience different types of issues. The question may arise as to when to contact a professional and what you can do to avoid failure. Let’s look at the most frequent reasons homeowners rely on our experts for air conditioning services in Vista and what your best options are for a successful repair.

Common Causes of AC failure

  • Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the substance in your air conditioner that removes heat and humidity from the air in your house or business. You may need more refrigerant to adequately cool the air if your system develops leaks in the refrigerant lines.

Finding the leaks and fixing the holes in the lines requires the assistance of an HVAC repair specialist, which can occasionally be a time-consuming and costly process, mainly when there are several leaks.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil in your air conditioner, which is filled with refrigerant, is responsible for absorbing heat from the air. These coils require warm air to circulate them properly. If the airflow is disturbed and the evaporator coil becomes too cold, a layer of ice may form outside.

When this happens, the air coming from your air conditioning supply registers will either be hot or will not come at all. You should schedule an inspection with our AC repair expert in Whittier, CA.

  • Unclean Condenser Coils

Condenser coils in your unit’s outdoor unit exhaust the heat that has been taken from the air outside the structure. The condenser coil won’t function properly when coated in dirt and dust. When heat transfer is inhibited, your unit must work harder to do its task, which increases wear and may result in system failure. Contact our AC service in Whittier, CA for an inspection and thorough cleaning of your system.

  • Fan Issues

Air is blown over your unit’s evaporator coil to chill the air in the room, and the air is blown over the outdoor unit condenser to expel heat into the outside air. If any of those fans aren’t functioning correctly, you may have inadequate airflow and issues with your air conditioner. The inadequate airflow is because of a defective motor, a lack of oil, worn belts, or too much dirt and debris.

If you ignore the issue, compressor failure could result, which usually signals the end of your air conditioner.

  • Leaking Ducts

The cold air from the air conditioner is distributed throughout the area through the ductwork that runs through your walls and ceilings. However, that chilled air can end up inside your walls, which is useless if there are holes or cracks in the ducts.

  • Thermostat Problems

Old dial-type thermostats may be preventing your air conditioner from receiving the proper commands from the control system. Your thermostats can be easily replaced or recalibrated to solve this issue. It may be challenging to program new programmable thermostats, which might be set incorrectly. If you still have one, refer to the directions in your thermostat’s manual to verify the settings are correct.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your air conditioner, call LAC Air for professional air conditioning repair and AC replacement in Whittier, CA. Call us at (562) 600-4311 to book an appointment or learn more about our services.

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