6 Reasons Why Your AC’s Air Filters Get Dirty So Fast

6 Reasons Why Your AC’s Air Filters Get Dirty So Fast

Air filters serve as the barrier to stop the dirt and dust from the environment from entering the residence. They help in maintaining pollutant-free and quality air in the house. Homeowners frequently complain about replacing the filter and call out for heating replacement in Whittier, CA.

According to experts, homeowners should change the filters every two to three months. However, if you change it frequently, learn why your air conditioner’s air filters become dirty quickly.

  • The AC Fan is “ON.”

When the fan is turned on, it is one of the most evident causes of filters becoming dirty quickly. One should always turn off the thermostat fans. When set to “ON,” the interior blower operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It continuously filters the air in and out.

As a result, contaminants are caught fast when the filter is used more than necessary. As a result, it will become soiled and need to be replaced. Homeowners should always pay attention to their thermostat settings. 

  • Leaking Air Ducts

When the ducts leak, dirt from the ground surface or attic enters the residence, the dirt then accumulates on the air filter. Leaky ducts will also result in air loss inside the home owing to holes in the ducts. It puts an extra burden on the unit and raises the electricity bill.

Homeowners should contact heating services in Pasadena, CA, right away to have the air ducts repaired.

  • Cheap Air Filters

Homeowners frequently select low-cost air filters for their residences. It is not necessary to get the most advanced or expensive filter. Purchasing low-cost filters for your home, on the other hand, will increase your utility bill.

One of the reasons air filters become dirty more frequently is because they are of poor quality. They will have a reduced lifespan and need to be replaced every month. Experts recommend that homeowners must use pleated filters in their houses.

  • Scorching Hot and Chilly Cold

The climate also plays an important role in building up air filters. We use air conditioners more frequently when the sun is blistering outdoors. It will make the machine work harder, and the air filters will become clogged with impurities.

Similarly, during the colder months, the unit works hard to generate heat. It collects soot from the furnaces. In this scenario, the best approach is to fix routine heater replacement in Whittie, CA.

  • House Pets

Pets lose a lot of hair in the house. Fur ends up on your clothes, sofas, carpets, and furniture. They also coat the air conditioner’s filters in the same way.

As a result, that may be why your filters get filthy so frequently. You must replace them once a month to ensure that you are breathing clean air.

  • Accumulation of Soot

The filter accumulates soot from chimneys, gas furnaces, candles, and smoke from cigarettes and will need replacement more frequently. The furnace is the main source for the high soot deposit in filters. Avoid or trim the candle wicks to reduce the soot accumulation on the filters. 

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