Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Learn How to Troubleshoot?

Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Learn How to Troubleshoot?

Are you worried because your air conditioner is not working effectively and the cooling is not up to mark? With the summer reaching its peak, your AC must work properly, or else it can create a lot of discomfort for you and your family. Imagine you come home after a long day at work only to find no peace at all.

Identify the problem and try out the solutions to ensure smooth working of your air conditioner. Some may require professional assistance, in which case you can opt for AC repair in Whittier, CA.

Let’s look at some problems and what are the possible causes for the same.

Cooling is not Very Effective

The indicated is a vital problem for which there can be many reasons for this one particular issue. For instance:

  • If the air vents are blocked, then it can cause less cooling than usual.
  • The air conditioner is outdated.
  • The air filters are dirty, hampering the cooling system.
  • The thermostat settings are not proper.
  • If the size of your AC is not appropriate for your house, then it can also hamper the cooling system of the air conditioner. The cooling is not proper, then maybe it is small, and the efficiency of the system is reduced by working harder to cool the house of that size.
  • A refrigerant leak can reduce the level of cooling greatly.

AC is not Blowing off Cold Air

  • If the air vents are not cleaned, it can obstruct the airflow and hence reduce the amount of cold air.
  • If the air filters are clogged, then AC might not work efficiently.
  • A frozen evaporator coil can also result in clogging the air filter, which can greatly reduce the cooling of your AC and the cold air too. Ensure that the air filter is kept clean all the time to avoid these problems.

AC Fan is not Working

  • The major cause for the AC not working properly can be the clogged air filters. Clean it properly for the fan to work effectively. Ensure that the evaporator coils are not frozen.
  • For the outdoor fan, check the capacitors and the fan motor. If you are unable to detect anything, then call a technician.

Water is Leaking from your Air Conditioner

  • If the condensate drain line is clogged or broken, then it can cause a water leak from your AC. Try a dry vacuum to unclog the line or call an expert.
  • Low refrigerant levels can also cause water leaks.

AC Unit not Turning on or Off

  • If your AC is not turning on, check if the power supply is proper or not.
  • If the thermostat breaks down, then it can prevent your AC unit from being switched off.

If you cannot detect any problem, then call a professional immediately to locate the source and rectify it. Consult with the technician for the replacement of the parts. You can opt for AC replacement in Whittier, CA if the damage is great and replacement is necessary.

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