Can Low Refrigerants Cause The AC Compressor To Not Turn On?

Can Low Refrigerants Cause The AC Compressor To Not Turn On?

Yes, when the refrigerant level drops below the recommended level, AC Compressor may refuse to start. But do not panic because a faulty compressor does not mean the HVAC unit is compromised. You can opt for AC Repair Pasadena in CA if repair is needed.

The only function of the AC compressor is compression. It compresses the low pressure and cool refrigerant fluid till it’s hot and pressure becomes high. After this, the gaseous refrigerant is transferred into the condenser, where the process of cooling starts. The heat from the indoor unit is transferred to the outer unit from where it is flushed out of the house.

When an AC compressor fails to start, there can be many possible reasons. A person can check the source of the problem themselves with their small steps.

Low refrigerant level

A refrigerant is not consumed or produced at any part in the process of cooling. The refrigerant only evaporates and condensers by flushing out the heat and cooling your home instantly. There is a standard level of refrigerant, and if it falls below that recommended level, then the AC compressor will fail to start.

If the AC compressor works fine, then the level of refrigerant remains the same. A refrigerant leak can cause a fall in the refrigerant level, in which case the customer should call the technician immediately.

Faulty electrical wiring

The first step to take if an electrical appliance does not work is to check for the power supply. Check the wires connecting the main supply to your AC compressor. If the wire is burnt, melted, or disconnected, it needs to be changed immediately or even cause accidents in the house. If the power supply is off, then check for the source and rectify it immediately.

Check the parts of the AC compressor

An AC compressor consists of multiple parts. They should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Check these parts to locate the source of the problem.

  • Check if the motor is properly oiled or not and the parts are lubricated well.
  • Ensure that the bearings are not damaged or make the AC compressor impossible to start.
  • Make sure no dirt or dust particles have clogged up the air filter, condenser, and evaporator. Ensure that these parts are cleaned at regular intervals.
  • If the condenser is clogged, then it can overheat the compressor. Check your condenser regularly, or you may have to replace your compressor if the damage is increased.
  • Check if all the terminal connections are working properly.
  • Make sure to look for capacitors and valves.
  • Check the starter relay. It is the device that is responsible for transferring power from the capacitors to the condensers.

These small tips should be kept in mind and checked when the AC compressor fails to start. If they are unable to locate the source of their problem, then they should call the technician right away. Go for AC Repair Whittier CA, and consult with the technician to know the best course of action.

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