Consequences of Not Servicing Your Air Conditioner For A Long Period

Consequences of Not Servicing Your Air Conditioner For A Long Period

Humans need vacations and breaks to regain their energy and efficiency levels. We go on weekend trips and plan fun activities to do with our families. But our air conditioners cannot go out anywhere, and they need breaks.

Air conditioners gain their efficiency through timely servicing and maintenance appointments. Air conditioners that do not get regular AC service in Whittier, CA, lose their efficiency and cooling capacity, and their life expectancy decreases.

These are not the only side effects of no servicing. An unserved air conditioner can give you lots of troubles, and here are some of them:

Higher Electricity Bills

When you do not call for AC service in Whittier, CA, at the correct time, the components of the air conditioner lose their efficiency, and the system has to work harder to keep the house cool. Since it works harder, it consumes more electricity, and your electricity bills rise unexpectedly.

If you feel that your electricity bills are going out of hand, call your technician and fix a service appointment.

Bad Indoor Air

Besides keeping the house cool in summer, the air conditioner also traps foreign matter like dust, dirt, pollen, and debris in its filters so that the indoor air remains fresh and hygienic. However, an unserved air conditioner cannot do so. If you feel that you or your family members have breathing problems or increased allergies, it may mean that your air conditioner is not in its best condition. Call your technician to address this issue.

Unwanted Noises

Two or more components of the system may misplace and start grinding on each other. There may be loud noises from the air conditioner when it is working. Unwanted noises show that your system’s parts are not fixed and can damage the whole system. Call for AC repair in Whittier, CA, as there may be some damage in your air conditioner due to unfixed parts.

Lesser Cooling Capacity

You switch on your air conditioner only to find it not cooling efficiently. Warm air coming out from the vents indicates an issue with your air conditioner. If your system cannot do its sole job, there is a dire need for a servicing appointment with a professional HVAC technician.

Frequent Short Cycling

A short cycle is a cycle of an air conditioner in which it switches on, works for a while, turns off, and starts over. Short cycling is a necessary step in the system’s working, but if it short cycles more than needed, there might be some unattended issue. Short cycling harms the sensitive parts of the air conditioner as it consumes more electricity and increases the electricity bill. All these signs indicate that your air conditioner needs a professional servicing job, but it can be costly for you. We can assist you in saving money for the servicing of your air conditioner.

Looking for AC repair in Whittier, CA? We can assist you in saving money for the servicing of your air conditioner. Call us at (562) 600-4311.

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