How Can I Increase My Heating Efficiency?

How Can I Increase My Heating Efficiency?

When temperatures drop, your heating system runs almost constantly. During cold weather, heating systems account for the highest energy use, taking up a large share of our fuel and energy expenses. However, it’s not practical to turn off your system. There are ways to increase the heating efficiency of your system.

How Can You Increase the Heating Efficiency of the System?

Here are some tips from our expert technicians to help you improve your heating efficiency.

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  • Adjust the thermostat

Keep the temperature setting the same while adjusting the thermostat during the winter. Unexpected upward changes might activate the backup heater, which is inefficient. Heat pumps operate longer but are more economical than gas furnaces, producing hot air for a short time before shutting off.

  • Night-time temperature setting

Similarly, heat pumps with two-stage thermostats don’t require reducing the temperature at night. Putting on the backup resistance heater when turning on the heat again in the morning would negate any energy savings from shutting it down overnight.

If you wish to lower the temperature at night so that you can sleep comfortably, gradually raise the setting by a few degrees in the morning. Also, ensure the thermostat light is not flashing to indicate that backup heating has been turned on.

  • Properly paired heat pump and thermostat

Ensure that your heat pump and thermostat are connected properly. Most smart thermostats are also made to function with typical heat pump setups. They offer much heating and cooling phases to enhance comfort and save total energy costs, and may operate the heat pump and auxiliary heat concurrently. Even if the room thermostat is abruptly turned up, the circuitry in some systems uses an external temperature sensor to decide whether supplemental heating is necessary.

  • Checking the air filter in the system

As a homeowner, regularly inspect the system air filters for debris and dust and clean or replace them as needed. Air filters are essential to the system’s proper operation.

  • Clean the outdoor coils of the system

Additionally, clean the outside coils with water regularly, and clear the area surrounding the unit of any obstructions like plants, mulch, trash cans, or snow. During the winter, ice may develop on a heat pump’s outside coil. This is natural, and no action is necessary.

The heat pump features a defrost cycle that melts the ice in less than 10 minutes and should activate automatically. As a result, steam may occasionally emerge from the outside unit, a specific aspect of the defrost cycle. Keeping your unit’s ventilation good inside and out will increase its lifespan. Periodically, just before the heating season begins, maintain the heat pump.

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