How Do You Fix Your Air Conditioner That Is Not Cooling?

How Do You Fix Your Air Conditioner That Is Not Cooling?

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, there might be various reasons your air conditioner is not properly cooling your house. The problem might be with your thermostat, filters, or another essential system component. You can always call an AC repair company to diagnose and fix that problem, but if your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, try the following things.

Examine The Thermostat

If your HVAC system is on but not cooling, the first thing to do is check your thermostat. If everything is good, measure the temperature adjustment to see if someone has made any changes. If the thermostat is off, turn it to heat before turning it back to cool.

After a few minutes for the cooling unit to turn on, check your registers for any chilly air flowing out. If you feel cold air, the problem has been resolved! If not, call AC maintenance in Whittier and Pasadena, CA.

Check The Air Filter:

A clogged air filter may influence your cooling system. However, it is essential to check whether coils are unclean and replace them as needed. While the purpose of your air filter is to catch dirt, dust, and other air pollutants, it cannot function if it is clogged. An air filter keeps harmful particles out of your home and keeps them from invading your system’s components.

Examine The Condenser:

An outside condenser unit is often found on a centralized air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, a wide range of materials, including grass, dirt, and other impurities, can make their way into this equipment. While this can cause your unit to blow warm air instead of cold air, it can also reduce energy efficiency and possibly cause the system to shut down.

The Evaporator Coil Has Frozen:

An evaporator coil is located on the indoor section of your AC unit. Temperature and humidity are released into the air when heated air travels through this coil, and much cooler conditioned air is pushed back into your house. However, this coil can freeze, resulting in your central air conditioner not delivering cold air.

Refrigerant Leaking:

Refrigerant is necessary for the air conditioner to function properly. This is a chemical that enters your outdoor and indoor systems. The primary purpose of refrigerant is to remove heat and humidity from interior air before it is vented outside. If you have a refrigerant leak, it might cause poor system performance and possibly unit shutdown.

Duct leaks:

Ducts are another possible source of a leak. Because your air ducts are utilized to distribute conditioned space throughout your house, a leak might disrupt the process. Because many AC ducts are on the roof, some warm air may enter your ductwork, causing a spike in indoor temperatures.


When an air conditioner stops blowing cold air, several problems may be readily resolved without the assistance of a professional. It is possible to get your air conditioner operating again fast and keep your home cool by changing the filter, checking the settings, and cleaning the coils. Contact LAC heating and air when it’s time to call an AC maintenance expert in Whittier and Pasadena, CA, for an examination.

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