How Do You Get Better At Plumbing?

How Do You Get Better At Plumbing?

Being a plumber is not an easy job. You must possess the required skills and talent along with work knowledge. Here’s a list of the top five tips to follow and get better at plumbing :

Top 5 Tips For Better Plumbing:


1. Blueprints & Basic Math

Proper usage of blueprints and correct interpretation is a basic skill that is important for every plumber. You should know how to read and understand mechanical and architectural drawings better for installing the fixtures and appliances correctly.

Also, you should be quick and better at analyzing drawings or schematics for locating municipal connections and water sources. It would help you to plan the routing of pipes easily while installing water services. Perfecting your basic math skills is essential for preparing cost estimates, measurements or performing simple calculations in plumbing installations.

2. Hand & Power Tools

Plumbing in Pasadena consists of various hand and power tools. Some hand tools include plungers, augers, snakes, and wrenches, whereas the power tools consist of circular saws and cordless drills, sump pumps, power threaders, and welding torches. To become a better plumber, you must know the perfect application of each tool.

You must possess the required skill, clear vision, and good coordination to use any equipment. Always Remember that a good plumber, for safety reasons, has to inspect their tools regularly and replace them if required.

3. Plumber Safety Procedures

Safety measures are taught during the plumbing training. Maintaining industry-standard safety measures is expected from each professional plumber.

Every plumber must know, understand, and follow certain safety protocols :

  • Handle the chemicals
  • Protect the eyes, lungs, ears, and skin
  • Prevent fire and electrical hazards
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Working at heights
  • Prevent trips and falls while working
  • Take extra care while working in a wet environment

4. Teamwork

A plumber must know how to work with his team; having quality skills is not enough. You should be respectful, reliable, and helpful if needed. Being a team player would take your plumbing career to a new height.

On a job site, adjusting and working yourself with other electricians, gas fitters, or different tradespeople is essential. Even while working with senior officers like subcontractors and management, you should communicate professionally, share space, and collaborate to get the job done smoothly.

5. Customer Service

Customer service plays a vital role in every successful business. Lac heating and air provide quality customer service with plumbers in Whittier, CA.

Present yourself professionally with skills while working with businesses, homeowners, authorities, etc. Be present on time, wear a clean uniform, explain the work you’ll be doing, answer the questions patiently, etc.

6. Physical Fitness

Plumbers have to work in cramped spaces, heights and sometimes work in extreme temperatures, and to manage all this, having good fitness is a must. It will help if they are comfortable bending, lifting, crouching, climbing stairs, and balance throughout the job.

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