How To Use AC Effectively?

How To Use AC Effectively?

The summer heatwaves and the irritating sweatiness have already started to take a toll on us, indicating that the summer’s on its way on the season calendar.

It is thus ideal for making your home summer-ready, and air-conditioners are no wonder a life-saving gadget when it comes to tackling the summer heatwaves comfortably.

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We bring you ten simple ways to ensure practical usage of your Air-Conditioner and say goodbye to the hefty rise in your power bills.

Looking For Some Basic Hacks?


Here are some :

  • Use AC Only when needed

It is always an advisable hack to ensure that you use your AC only when it is needed. Make sure you turn off your AC when you aren’t in your room. It is a sustainable way to ensure that your AC doesn’t consume electricity when you do not need it.

  • Close your doors and windows

Keep your doors and windows closed while using AC to ensure that your room is cooled adequately. Keeping your doors and windows open shall make your AC take more time to cool your rooms.

It will eventually consume more energy than required. Closing your doors and windows is an easy way to avoid extra charges on your power bill.

  • Avoid cooling space unnecessarily

Why cool spaces that you are not going to use? It is advisable to ensure that you are cooling the space you will use eventually or are using.

What Are Some Technical Hacks?


Maintain Stable Temperature

Everyone thinks that keeping your AC at its lowest possible temperature shall cool your room more effectively, but it doesn’t work like that.

It is always advisable to maintain a steady temperature setting on your AC instead of constantly alternating it, as it will help your AC work effectively on stable energy consumption.

Make use of dehumidifying mode

Sometimes summer humidity becomes more irritating than the heat. The dehumidifying mode on your AC is an ideal feature to ensure optimal moisture control.

Next time, instead of simply using the cooling of your AC, try using the dehumidifying to enhance your comfort.

Dirty filters? Clean it!

Filters are an integral part of your AC and play a critical role in ensuring effective cooling performance. Dirty filters block the cooling mechanism ability of your AC.

It eventually drags your AC towards more energy consumption to reach effective performance. It is always advisable to clean dirty filters every 2-weeks or at least once every month.

Regular tune-up and servicing

It is advisable to ensure regular servicing and timely repairs of malfunctioning AC units to avoid any critical breakdown of the cooling systems.

Tune-up and replacements of malfunctioning parts ensure efficient performance without any significant pressure on the entire cooling unit. Looking for an AC tune-up in Whittier, CA? We bring you the HVAC services you deserve at the economical service rates you were looking for! Contact LAC Heating & Air Services today!

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