Is Your Central Heat Not Working?

Is Your Central Heat Not Working?

A furnace or a boiler most commonly powers a central heating system. Your central heating system malfunctioning in the middle of the winter night is not at all a pleasurable experience, and to understand the reason behind a possible breakdown. You would need a small peek into the functioning of your appliance.

How Does the Central Heating System Work?

The most common heating system generates heat via a furnace. Furnaces commonly use fuel like natural gas, propane, oil, etc. Combustion of such fuels produces heat which passes over the heat exchanger. Air is blown over the heat exchanger, which heats the air. The furnace’s blower blows this heated air into the ducts and your rooms. 

Common Heating Issues 

Over the years, our technicians have spotted a few common central heating system issues, which we have mentioned below. These are not usually serious, and a professional heating repair in Pasadena, CA, should fix your problem in no time. 

  • Cold Air Blowing.

Cold air blowing through your furnace does not arise out of one specific reason and can be caused by many anomalies like 

  • Dirty Air Filters: filters do much more than ride the air of unwanted particles. Any blockage in input can interrupt a steady supply of hot air from your furnace. 
  • Pilot Light Issues: pilot light indicates the gas flow to your furnace. If or when it turns yellow, you must check the supply valve and nearby areas for any leaks.
  • Leakage In Ducts: duct leaks along with improper insulation can cause improper distribution of heat in your household. Such issues can lead to a range of other problems like short cycling, overheating, and cold airflow.
  • Inadequate Fuel: it is easy to forget to refill your gas chambers. Maintain adequate levels of fuel for comfortable heating in your house. 
  • The Heating System Won’t Turn Off.

Check your thermostat settings and switch to “AUTO” instead of “ON”. If this does not solve the issue, your central heating system might be facing either of the two problems.

  • Malfunctioning thermostat or a wiring defect in its connection 
  • Malfunctioning blower motor of your furnace. 

One can solve thermostat issues by performing a factory reset or repairing wiring defects. Try replacing your thermostat if the problem persists. If your furnace malfunctions the same way even after a thermostat replacement, the problem may lie with your blower motor. Contact professional heating replacement Pasadena CA for any blower motor assistance.  

  • Cold and Hot Spots in the House.

Unequal distribution of air is often caused by two issues: ductwork problems and dirty air filters. Clogged air filters will restrict airflow to your heater, limiting hot airflow to your rooms. If your filters are clean, consider examining your ductworks for any leaks or cracks. Old or poorly designed ductwork is susceptible to leaks. Contact trusted furnace repair Pasadena CA for seamless insulation and repair of your ducts. 

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