Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blinking Red

Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blinking Red

A furnace has many components, which means it has many parts that can get defective. One such part is the furnace light. A furnace light should be red, solid amber, or yellow. It means that the furnace is healthy and functioning correctly. But if the furnace light is blinking, there may be some hidden problem with the system.

A blinking furnace light can be due to many reasons, and only a professional technician can find out the real cause. Contact an HVAC company in Pasadena CA for a Heating Tune-Up in Whittier CA, to identify and fix the real cause.

Reasons For A Blinking Light

The furnace light blinks in the form of a morse code, consisting of dots and dashes. You should write down this code before calling for help, as you may find a simple solution to these codes in a manual or on the furnace. Here are some reasons for a flashing light in the furnace:

  • Blower

If you do not see any light while looking at your furnace, the furnace is not getting any power from the main point. Check the breaker of the furnace in the circuit breaker box. Once the power comes back, the blower will start. Everything is alright, even if you see an error code.

  • Gas Valve, Ignitor, Or Proving Fault

If you notice that the error codes indicate problems with the ignition failure, gas, or flame, the real problem may be at the burner assembly area. A possible solution to this problem is to clean the flame sensor. However, if the code remains even after cleaning the sensor, you may have to call a professional for heating repair in Whittier, CA, as the problem may be in the igniters for the gas valve.

  • Pressure Switch And Inducer

Pressure switches and inducers ensure that the furnace is venting all the unwanted gas from the system. You can try cleaning your chimney or exhaust to fix this error code. Otherwise, please leave it to a professional.

  • Roll Out Switch And High Limit Switch

The roll-out switches are present inside the furnace to detect any heat where it should not be, and the high-limit switch checks the temperature in the heat exchanger and signals the fan to turn it off. You can try replacing the filters if you get an error code for these switches. If the replacement does not help, call a professional for Heating Repair in Pasadena CA.

  • Furnace Lockout

A furnace lockout happens when the furnace tries many times to ignite the fire but fails. The furnace stops working in this situation. Cut the power at the breaker, and turn it back on after a few seconds. It should solve the problem if there are no other underlying reasons for the unlit fire.

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