Reasons Your Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

Like an air conditioner, an electrical appliance knows no language but signals. An air conditioner gives several signals and messages to its owners when it starts facing problems. The owners need to know these signals and the actual problem behind them.

Why Is Your AC Not Working?

An air conditioner that does not turn on is a big sign for the owners. Owners should know why an air conditioner does not turn on. Before contacting a professional technician for AC repair in Whittier CA, you should check for these reasons:

  • Thermostat Issues

A thermostat detects what temperature is perfect for your home and instructs the air conditioner to cool accordingly. However, if the thermostat has issues like dead batteries or loose wiring, it will not detect the right temperature, and your air conditioner may not start working in the worst cases.

  • Less Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a liquid in the evaporator coils of an air conditioner that helps cool your home. Without enough refrigerant, your home will not be as cool as you want it to be. In the worst cases, low refrigerant levels can lead to unexpected breakdowns of your air conditioner.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Air filters ensure smooth airflow in your home and air conditioner. Smooth airflow is important for the proper working of your air conditioner. Clogged air filters will restrict the airflow path, and your system will not start working until you change the filters with new ones.

  • A Malfunctioning Capacitor

A capacitor can fail for several reasons, like overheating and power fluctuations. A capacitor is a sensitive part of your air conditioner, and if such factors damage your capacitor, your system may not work and function properly. You should contact a professional technician for regular air conditioner service in Pasadena CA to avoid damage to the capacitor.

  • Fan Issues

Fans are extremely important in properly circulating cool air in your home. When an air conditioner stays dormant for a long time, the fans may need some lubricating or other servicing. Without professional attention, the fans may not resume working, and your air conditioner may not start.

  • Switch Problems

It is not rare for an air conditioner to stop working due to problems with its switch and power connection. Mice and rats can damage your air conditioner switches, leading to a break in the power supply and ultimately not working.

  • Dirty Condenser

Taking care of the condenser is as important as taking care of the internal unit. The condenser often faces damage from dirt, dust, debris, weather conditions, and vegetation near it. Ensure there is enough vacant space around the system and clean it regularly to avoid unnecessary issues.

  • Old Age

Old age is a reason you cannot reverse. If your system is over fifteen years old, you should replace it without second thoughts. Contact a professional HVAC company to help you get the best model.


If you want to know more about your air conditioner, its working process, and some simple tips to maintain it better, contact LAC Heating & Air. Our professionals will try their best to answer your questions related to your HVAC appliances for the best results.

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