What Do I Do If My Ac Isn’t Blowing Cold Air?

What Do I Do If My Ac Isn’t Blowing Cold Air?

When you reside in a place like California, the ultimate thing you wish to manage is an air conditioning unit that is not blowing cool air. Sadly, numerous problems can occur in your air conditioner that make your unit blow cool air irregularly or have no cool air at all. If your air conditioner doesn’t blow cool air, you must invariably look for a professional air conditioning repair in Pasadena, CA.

What Can Be The Reasons For An Ac Not Blowing Cold Air?

There can be plenty of reasons why an air conditioning unit can stop blowing cold air. However, before calling a technician for AC repair in Pasadena, CA, you must initially understand the reasons mentioned hereunder. Your AC has stopped the circulation of cold air.

  • Problems With Power

If your air conditioning unit is not pumping cool air, you must always double-check that it is electrified into the outlet accurately and that the power plug is still connected. If the plug and cord are not accurate, there may be a problem with your electrical network.

Your air conditioning unit might have blown a detonator or malfunctioned a breaker due to huge oscillations of power. Hence, you can ask your HVAC technician to divide the load between multiple power outlets to resolve this issue.

  • Dirty Air Filters

If the air filters of an air conditioning unit become obstructed, then it might further lead to less or no cold airflow. Also, certain air conditioning units hold an in-built feature where the AC shuts down automatically due to clogged air filters to prevent the engine from heating and causing more damage.

Therefore, to prevent this, you must always check your air filters and get them cleaned regularly by hiring a technician for AC Maintenance in Whittier CA, to get better airflow.

  • Problems With A Thermostat

A thermostat is an essential component of your air conditioner that assists in regulating and maintaining the temperature at your place. If all other components of your air conditioner are working fine and are properly fixed to a power source, then there is certainly an issue with the thermostat.

You can initially try adjusting the temperature of a thermostat. If you think the problem persists, you must get in touch with a professional for an AC Repair in Pasadena CA.

  • Accumulation Of Ice

Ice accumulation in your air conditioning unit can be produced by dusty coils or air filters, which cause incompetent air-purifying or a lack of coolant. This problem can further lead to an AC not blowing proper air. To fix this issue, all you need to do is clean your air conditioner’s coils and filters.

After looking at all the problems mentioned above, you can easily identify the cause of your AC not blowing cold air. We at LAC Heating & Air are among the most reliable HVAC contractors for AC repair in Whittier, CA, and nearby areas and charge the most inexpensive rates for our service. You can contact us at (562) 600-4311 for booking an appointment or write your HVAC-related questions at lac.heatingandair@yahoo.com for a prompt repair and maintenance service.

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