What is Included in Air Conditioner Servicing?

What is Included in Air Conditioner Servicing?

You understand how important it is to have a cool home where you can relax after being out in the heat. Maintaining your air conditioning system regularly will help it perform better. Routine AC service in Pasadena, CA, can help it retain up to 95% of its original operational efficiency and performance. This has several advantages, ranging from improved energy efficiency to lower humidity levels and fewer repairs. It’s good to have your air conditioner thoroughly checked twice a year, especially before summer. 

AC Maintenance Checklist

Here’s what is done in AC servicing: 

1. Cleaning the Filters

An air filter collects a staggering amount of debris and dirt during operation. The technician cleans the air filter during air conditioner service to remove mold and dirt buildup. 

2. Cleaning of the Evaporator Coil and Condenser:

Dust and soot are enemies of your air conditioner because they cause it to overheat. The technician removes dust and debris from the condenser, evaporator coils, and other essential components during air condition service. The condenser coils in a split air conditioner are located in the outdoor unit. 

3. Drain Cleaning and Leak Detection:

During AC service, the technician checks to see if there is any water trickling or pooling anywhere in the unit. He also checks for leaks from the pipes and tubes inside the air conditioning unit while performing Air Conditioning Repair in Pasadena CA, to prevent water leakage from the air conditioning system.

4. All-Round Inspection:

The AC technician examines the main components of a unit, such as a fan motor, compressor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, thermostat, and so on. If a flaw is discovered in the components, the technician will recommend a repair or replacement. 

Why is an AC Inspection Necessary?

Given below are a few reasons why AC servicing is important: 

  • The inspection is the essential aspect of AC service in Pasadena, CA. Consider the inspection to review your home’s heating and cooling system. It also includes a test of your HVAC equipment.
  • Many homeowners believe that AC maintenance consists of changing the air filter and cleaning the outside unit to ensure it is clear of dust and debris. But, you’ll also appreciate the fact that your technician performs a thorough inspection of the moving parts and safety checks.
  • Without an inspection, you won’t know whether the HVAC system’s components are clean and in good enough condition to avoid safety hazards. Minor repairs are frequently identified early during inspection before they cause more extensive, more expensive problems.
  • Your indoor and outdoor AC units and your ductwork work hard during the cooling season. In some areas, dust and debris can accumulate. Clogged air filters are a common reason for AC service calls.
  • Pests can cause damage without your knowledge, and power surges can wear out electrical components, especially in the summer. Don’t forget about time—even the most dependable air conditioners can suffer from wear and tear as they age. 

LAC Heating & Air is ready to be your trusted partner if you’re looking for dependable air conditioning service in Pasadena, CA. Call us at (562) 600-4311 or drop us a mail here to get on the schedule for the day. We inspect and tune-up air conditioners in the spring and check heaters in the fall. We also provide an HVAC maintenance plan to give our customers peace of mind. 

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