When Should You Clean Your Furnace Flame Sensor?

When Should You Clean Your Furnace Flame Sensor?

If your furnace goes down on a cold night, it is a complete nightmare. The worst thing is you will not know if there is a problem with the furnace until it stops operating entirely. The most common cause of furnace malfunctions is faulty flame sensors.

The function of A Flame Sensor

When the gas valve is open, flame sensors detect the presence of a flame. It prevents natural gas from being thrown inside the house and ensures that it burns inside the furnace. However, if the furnace cannot detect the flame, the initiation procedure is terminated. After three tries by the sensors, the machine goes into lockdown for safety reasons.

Bad Flame Sensor

If your flame sensor does not operate properly, your furnace might go off soon after being started. You might need to check what’s wrong with the flame sensor. Sometimes the problem is dirt, and wiping the dirt off the sensor restores its functioning of the sensor.

However, if your sensor is intensely corroded, the porcelain covering is cracked, or the furnace increasingly keeps shutting off. Then, your flame sensor needs a replacement. The longer you put off Heating Repair in Whittier CA, the more money you will have to pay later for emergency heating repair services in Whittier, CA.

Cleaning The Flame Sensor

It is a good idea to give the flame sensor a regular cleaning if you believe it is still in functioning order. This prevents rust and debris from corroding the metal surface. This will keep the flame sensor operational for a longer period.

Use a fine-grit emery cloth to clean a flame sensor; the finer the grit, the better. The use of fine grit is intended to prevent the grooves in the flame sensor’s soft metal. The grooves might get damaged if the fabric is too coarse.

When the burner’s flames are lit, the grooves of the flame sensor can accumulate carbon. As the carbon accumulates, the sensor will begin to fail and will need to be cleaned.

Replacing The Faulty Flame Sensor

A faulty flame sensor implies that you will need to purchase a new sensor that is either compatible with your furnace model or a universal model. Then, remove the old sensor and replace it with the new sensor in your furnace. The overall process should take no more than a few minutes and is fairly simple, making it an excellent DIY project. Of course, if you do not want to go into your furnace to replace the sensor, you can hire an HVAC technician to assist you.

Because your furnace’s safety is of the utmost importance, it is always better to be safe than sorry and replace the flame sensor if it is malfunctioning. Even if the flame sensor is in proper working order, it is advised that you replace it every two or three years as a preventative measure. This ensures that the sensor continues to function properly and prevents any problems.

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