Why Is Attic Space Used To Put An HVAC Furnace A Good Idea?

Why Is Attic Space Used To Put An HVAC Furnace A Good Idea?

As the winter builds, besides keeping yourself warm and safe, there is an urgent need to keep your furnace installed in a safer location. Residents of California like to place their furnaces in the attic for various reasons, frequent weather changes and safety reasons being the most important of those. But does that really help your HVAC system in any way? Starting from a complete guide for installing a furnace up to the advantages of doing so, read about all the benefits of this blog.

A Guide To Attic Furnace Installation

Before you hire experts, consider the following points and take steps accordingly to prepare for an attic furnace installation.

  • It must follow the international mechanical code (IMC) or local mechanical code (according to your area)
  • Record precise measurement of the attic along with the HVAC unit, compare requirements
  • Provide enough ventilation
  • Make space for ductwork and complete insulation inside

Price Expectation For Attic Furnaces

To make sure that your furnace works at its full efficiency, you need to choose a location where the heat moves in a natural direction, using less electricity and gas. Since the attic is in a perfect position, you’re already saving a lot on the bills. You can save more by cutting down on duct pipes and air conditioning costs.

Advantages Of Having A Furnace in The Attic

  • Noiseless Unit: A furnace is supposed to create a buzzing noise when at work. However, when it is an old HVAC system, this noise is much more evident. Homeowners prefer having their heating systems in the attic mostly because of this.
  • Flooding Fails: Basements get easily flooded, whether it is raining or snowing outside. Anything below the ground level is not usually advisable for the placement of such an expensive unit. Instead of constantly repairing your furnace, try shifting it to the attic and avoid such flooding fails.
  • Budget-Friendly: You save a lot of money during furnace installation because the amount of ductwork needed to vent the furnace is minimal.
  • Space Convenient: Usually, an attic is the storage room and isn’t accessed. Save valuable places in and around your house by storing the furnace here.
  • Second Furnace Installation: When you plan to remodel or add another story to your house, accommodate the furnace in the attic for zone heating.

Reasons Why We Provide The Best Installation Services

The cost of installing a furnace is pretty high, and so is the competition among HVAC service contractors in California. Residents, commercial and other businesses, and contractors trust us with their HVAC systems because we promise them to stay within budget and serve you in winter and summer, bringing you services right at the comfort of your home. Save your time, space, and money by trusting furnace repair Pasadena CA at LAC Heating & Air.

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